My Last Request

Memories to be cherished  

From my stint in detention 

When my biggest sin  

Was to seek redemption.  

How you held me,  

How you saved me. 

My heart beating stronger,  

reminding me of who I am,  

Helping me see beyond,  

To grow, to love again,  

To cherish, to adore,  

To begin again, to sing again,  

To scream Hallelujah  

As through rainbows  

On windowpanes  

autumn leaves  

Drift by, silently  

Calling to be seen,  

to become one 

with the symphony  

Playing in my heart.  

In your hands, safe,  

Knowing, this touch is sacred.  

Breathless, I laugh, and cry 

And sigh, then laugh some more.  

Every moment, a line from a song,  

A quote from a book.  

The way clear, I feel you near,  

Calling me home, to you, to me,  

To smile, to be free.  

To rejoice, to dance.   

To love and romance,  

To dream, to pray  

My last request  

To marry you, comes true 

As the dreams we dare  

To dream so often do.  

Shelley x  

Patterns, Poetry & Patience


It’s been a bit of a rainy day today both outside and in so I decided to recreate a game of Patience I played one day in April last year aka 2021. I was going through a difficult time and needed all the patience I could muster. Thankfully I managed to get myself out of the difficult situation and also won the game of patience, in the end too.

I wasn’t planning to share the picture but when I saw Robert Burns and Robert the Bruce looking on from the top right, I thought why not. Both Burns and Bruce make me smile and once again I was reminded to be more patient and firstly, that starts with being patient with myself on rainy days.

Wonderland AKA W.W.W.

Waltzing all the way to Wonderland,

Weary, wounded, and full of woe.

Wondering was anyone waiting

While working out which way to go.

Waffling words of wisdom

Whispered on the wind

Wittering wildly one way

Witlessly the next.

While weirdly betwixt

Worlds within, worlds without

Whistling by the weeping willow,

Wondering sweeping hollow  

Why do dreams wither and die?

What if one wish watered

Would wrestle itself to life?

What if one word written

Would waken a wish?

Walking on water

Wading in waves.

Warbling and wailing

Watching and waiting

Wrinkled and weathered

While somewhat untethered

Weightless and free

Willowing in the wind

Whirling and whirling

Wildly on the wheels of time.


Inside, I scream

Imprisoned, I feel

Impatient, I am

Being, ignored.

Unheard, I wait.

Knowing, I am

Not invisible. 


I stand waiting

To be heard.

 Observed, I am

  Judged unjustly.

Denied, basic health care.

 I plead my case

Over and over. 

Expected to wait and wait

 For answers that don’t arrive

 On time to ease my mind

Only broken promises.

Neglect triggers frustration

 Agitation builds as I wait.

I remain locked up.

Trapped, kept away.

Insecurity with issues

Related to giving up.

 My phone, my respect,

My life, my family.

  In your hands.

I danced.


 Alone, nobody listening

Yet talking, discussing me,

 Without me, annoyance builds,

And, the anger turns to disgust.

Unjust treatment to distrust,

 Sickened not sick, I retreat.

  Quick, protect yourself.

From this prison cell

These four walls

This confined space

So much time unlived.

 I try to forgive.

With a sigh

I cry.

Locked out of life,

In its fullest glory

Shorter pages

In my story.

Relief it’s nearly time

 Time to breathe              

And then BOOM!

Comes another aftershock,

From the mouth of the doc

News I can’t digest

Creating unrest.

Inside my mind.   

Where I find

  I’m free to be me.

In this enforced isolation.

Sanctioned separation.

 Disconnection from my world

 From my boys and girls.

Yet every time, I rise again

  Anew, refreshed, and then

  There are the side effects.

Mind blurs,  legs wobble,

Stomach aches, unsafe now

I retreat from the threat

To my sanity from the insanity

The noise, and tune out to tune in.

To myself, where wisdom, I find

 Where worlds hide, waiting to remind    

To lead me back through the darkness   

Of veiled threats, of being manipulated,

  Coerced, bullied, threatened    

With physical force expecting me

  To “wholly comply”

   I deny, and revoke your

right to reply.

Rashelle Reid


Wonder where Paddington bear

Played an ace and kept his case,

Dry and warm, in the storm.

As he tip, tap, toed around

With his feet on the ground.

His performance stellar.

Dancing with his umbrella.


Here I Am

Here I am.
Bloodied and battle scarred.
Weary from the war,
Many soldiers fight,
Unknowingly, unwillingly.
Victorious, I raise my hands.
Knowingly, willingly.
Many soldiers fall,
Weary from the war.
Bloodied and battle scarred.
Here I am.


“I open at the close.’ Harry Potter

The Cloak of Madness

Under the cloak of madness, I fall

Asleep to awaken 

In a dream where 

Like a thief in the night

You’ve taken my heart 

Leaving me breathless 

And dazed, wondering why

all I hear is your voice

I have no choice

Can you feel it too?

How much I want you

Repeating your name 

Going insane.  

Under cover, I hide.

Sighing, lying to myself

That it’s not true.

How much I love you 

That I’m deluded 

Lost in a dream

Searching for you 

Under a blanket of stars

Moonlight casts a shadow 

On the dancer, lost

In the rhythm of life, I fall

Under the cloak of madness.

My Truth

You illuminate my darkness, 

And cast a shadow on my light. 

I dance with you in daytime,

And cry with you in night.

You set me on fire when I lost my spark. 

Ignited the flames when I was lost in the dark.

Burned through my defenses, one by one. 

As the black rain fell, you were my sun. 

How can I resist, how can I deny?

You are my truth, in the white lies.

Internal Dialogue

Logic argues “No, it cannot be.”

Heart beats “It is so.”

Mind tells me “Don’t be mental.”

Body screams “There’s no other way to go.”

Brain states “Does not equate.”

Intuition laughs “It is fate.”

Skin tingles in anticipation. 

Stomach growls with frustration 

Reason argues “Why, it cannot be.”

Lips whisper “Just wait and see.”



The Holy Grail

I came, I saw, God conquered

So I’m gonna stay on top

Not because I’m gallus,

Because I never stop

Loving, remembering

It’s not all about me,

Every teardrop, every ocean

Are there to help us see,

We might write the stories

Interwoven with our lands

Yet each of us is guided

By our fathers hand

Nurtured by our mother

To help us understand

We are nothing,

Without the fruits,

of this holy land

Look after each other

We’re all family here.

Stop and listen often

And never forgot to hear

The words within your heart

To be written into sound

Although they make us fly

we are Earthbound.

Ego can consume us

If we forget to breathe

tune into your heart again

And, let the holy grail relieve.


Venimus, Vidimus, Deus vicit

We came, we saw, God conquered.


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