The Little Fish

A fungi and a little fish got talking one day.

You’ll never believe what the pair had to say.

I don’t know about you, but what about me?

I’m out the back door and I can’t see the sea.

Don’t be sad, little fish. You’re really a fungi.

The little fish smiled and let out a sigh.

I thought I was tripping but I’m just a clown

Now my whole world’s turned upside down.

I need a seat can you bring me a toad stool?

I can’t believe I’ve been such a blind fool!

Two heads it seems really are better than one,

So let’s have some fun and dance in the sun.

Don’t worry my friend, I don’t need mushroom,

We can party under the stars and the moon.

Don’t be shy. Go for it. Just take a chance.

Stick the tunes on and let’s have a dance.

Does anyone know what type of fungi this is? I tried to find it using google and some of the identifier apps but had no luck.

Lessons from the old skool

1. To think carefully about taking drugs from strangers 😜

2. It’s good to dance the stresses of life away 🥳

3. I’m not the only one who throws my hands up in the air and needs a miracle 😟

4. Rhythm is indeed a dancer and the last train to transcentral really does leave at 3am. 🎵💃

5. To reach for the sky and hold my head up high, not to be afraid and think of all the friends I’ve made. 🌟🌈

6. They taught me it’s gallus being a shaman cos they can move any mountain with faith and conviction ❤️🙏

Wow and I thought we were just clubbing!!