A Touching Tribute


in anticipation

of the words



through the air  


the space

between us


like butterfly






the unexplored



this mystical



velvet raindrops



me to the edge

of sanity



dancing now



and deeper.


my desire

for more





in thanks

and praise


this moment

and all it holds


another song

and another


on and on

and on

Sunny Side Up

When the Pink Moon rose

And the world turned

Sunny side up,

the songbirds sang louder,

calling me at night

and serenading the day

A celebration of life

An expression of joy,

Of nature,

a call of the wild,

To listen, to breathe,

To love, to rejoice, to sing,

To stop and appreciate

The simple things.

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Athena is home

The temple alight

old structures in dust

at her feet. She raises

her head to the sky,

in thanks. She calls

the artists, the singers,

the peacemakers, the poets.

Come out to play,

it’s our time now

Sing, dance, rejoice

Warm your face

in the rays of the sun

Breathe deep, deeper,

Deeper still, awaken

all of your senses

Let them lift you

higher and higher

and follow your heart

All the way

to Paradise.

The Game Changer

When the insurrection is in the mind, it can never be quelled.
When the resurrection is in the heart, love flows eternal.
When compassion is in the words, healing springs forth
When the revolution is in the actions the game changes forever…


A Prayer for Peace

Love forever holds the key

True strength can be found in gentleness.


I should have listened to my heart, not my insecurities.

There is no such thing as too much love or knowledge.

Everything grows with love.

Humans will know the truth.

The Revelations have to play out.

May love and peace guide our way.  

As above, so below

Awaken oh world!

Thank you for the good you have given me

Perfect love casts out all fear,  

I guess it’s time to move forward

It is a future of ascension you are creating

What you don’t believe me?

To understand the planets is to understand the world

Imbolc the Crown of Creation

May you have courage

You can feel love in the air around you

You will be marvelous

Heaven forever

It’s a miracle that you are here at all, don’t you think?

I love when people are good to each other

Within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages

Nobody can grant you honour but yourself

Make a wonderful wish magnify

Let’s be positive to get a positive result

Love above all through will

Synchronise and harmonise

Heart of Wisdom

Heavenly people

The secret pathway

Love forever holds the key

Everything is a reflection of our consciousness

The story of Life on Planet Earth from Beginning to End

If you are reading this then I am with you

Everything is sacred, even the lessons

Turn on your love light and let it shine wherever you go. 

The Tryst


She’d been there before
in a time now past,
unknowing, curious
and caring, bleak
with concern.
The future daunting,
taunting twisted tales
Shrouding mystery
in the soul of her eyes.
Help me, she pleaded.
Let there be light
in these dark days
My hands are here for you
to use, as my soles
tread this sacred land.
And, my mind learns
from the clues
our ancestors left waiting
To reveal to her
when the time was
divine for the tryst
with destiny.
Courageously she
stumbled up mountains
and down again.
Faltering she wavered
waiting until the time
had come, as ordained
To stake her claim
For all the people
Of the world
She knew now
things were different
A phoenix rising
Tears shed for the people,
To cleanse the pain,
to wash away the lies
and the longing.
Space created for love
and hope of the better
days to come, peace
replaced the weariness
and once again she rose,
A warrior born to shine.
To remove the shadows
Where fear once lived.

The Heart of You

In my life, I’m Queen Bee.
There are no rulers, except me.
I will compromise with those who care.
With those who love me and whose life I share
I’m not here to do it their way though.
Or to follow their map, or their way they go.
I’m here to be me, and see what that brings.
To follow and honour what makes my heart sing.
I try to choose courage when danger is near.
and my passion for life saves me from fear.
You can’t understand and I don’t need you to.
Just let me be me and I’ll let you be you.
We are all Sovereign beings, since we were born.
how is it possible we forgot this sweet song?
So many distractions and places to hide.
Anything that stops us looking inside.
We have the power, we really always did.
Encoded within, our own reference grid.
An inner compass so strong and true
leads to treasure, at the heart of you.

An Angel Awakens

You brought me death, and showed me life.
Instead of joy, you brought me strife.
You showed me love comes in many forms,
And can bring the worst of thunderstorms.
You left me so low,
I didn’t know where to go.
I love you so much yet it hurt so deep.
That instead of life, you chose sleep.
I know you laid a path for me,
Something at the time I couldn’t see.
It’s ten years now, and baby what a ride.
So many signs, you are still by my side.
Your brothers and sisters have filled me up,
With so much love from the eternal cup.
When the time is right, my little girl.
I will join you for a whirl.
Dance the dances we never shared,
Show you just how much I cared.
I love you with all my heart,
Even though at times we feel so far apart.
I am with you, and you with me.
What love binds together lasts eternally.