The moderator has fallen asleep

and logic has left the building.

Isolated from my dreams,

hope shattered once more.

As my broken heart screams for acceptance

from these three strangers symbolising a society

that seeks solutions in experience.

Imagination and creativity trail behind

only a few steps from the starting line.

Too tried to try again,

my only fuel now rage.

Tears blinding, I try to step forward

But I stumble and fall

Slumping to the ground with a thud.

Passers by stop to stare

as friends whisper in my ear

the words I’m not ready to hear

“Whit’s fur ye will no go by ye”

Which I know is true

because I’ve saw it too

But for now, all I can see is how hard it’s been

to have yet another crushed dream.

Sing along to Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky.

We are dry individuals
Dying for our sugar
But the shops
Couldn’t get much more

We find fakes with aspartame
To tempt us with hydration
But no one, no nobody
will  give you the sugar

To rush
into work
into life
Without Irn Bru that’s fast becoming no more
What about choice and our freedom?

Oh Irn bru
It’s dripping down the walls
Of a drink we cannot drink
In this harsh reality
Man made poison spoon fed to the blind
Serves now to define our cold drinks counter

From which we’ll rise
Into work
Into life
Without Irn Bru that’s fast becoming no more
What about choice and our freedom?

You’ve just got to hold on
You’ve just got to hold on

[Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator]
“To those who can hear me, I say – do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of grief – the bitterness of men who fear the way of human sweetness. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the ginger they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish… Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural drinks – machine drinks with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle!… You are men! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure…. let us use that power – let us all unite.”

And we’ll rise
Into work
Into life
Without Irn Bru that’s fast becoming no more
What about choice and our freedom?
Into freedom

From which we’ll rise
Into work
Into life
Without Irn Bru that’s fast becoming no more
What about choice and our freedom?
Freedom, freedom

Oh, rain on me
Rain on me
Rain on me

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The Thaw


The Thaw

Wake my child,

Come walk with me

Allow yourself to

Be transported back in time.

Step forward with glee

Hear the sounds serenading your

Journey, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Experience what it’s like to

Dance in the rain of the trees as you

Look up to see only blue sky

Bask in the glory of the sun

Melt like the frost as you

Return home to thaw

Drift off to sleep once more and

Remember always to


The Thaw 2

Yer title like many was based on a lie,

just cause you danced scuddie as a wee guy.

Yer cooking programs were never really ma taste,

no sure if it was just the smug look on yer face.

A would’ve stayed quiet, kept ma mooth shut tight

but when you destroyed IRN-BRU ye started a fight.

Noo I cannae get sugar and defos no Bru

and a don’t know what else a can do.

But shout ma mooth aff at some poncy bloke

that somehow convinced some other mad folk.

That another tax was jist whit we need

cos some other folk cannae control their greed.

So noo a cannae get Irn Bru just a poisonous impostor

and more and more places are beginning to foster

A no sugar attitude that destroys my freedom of choice,

and all I have left is a sugar lovers sad voice.

Ye’ve opened yer gob ance too often fur me,

A’ve nae interest in what ye think I should huv fur ma tea.

Stuff your poncy ideas and yer naked ass too

and if you can find one a real can of Irn Bru

Up the bum of a turkey or maybe a duck

and get yerself right tae……..


#RealIrnBru #SugarLover #SugarTax #WhatHappenedToChoice
#IDetestJamieOliver #IdRatherPayTheTaxThanDrinkAspartame

So I spent Sunday afternoon going round in circles on Glasgow subway being entertained by Tom McGuire & The Brassholes who will be launching their debut album on 3rd February at the Glasgow QMU.

brassholes underground (10)brassholes underground (8)brassholes underground (12)brassholes underground (6)

We had so much fun and even managed some shoogly dancing.  It was an absolute treat but it might have spoiled the subway forever for the wee ones as they’re now going to be expecting to be serenaded every time they get on.  Check out #brassholesunderground on Twitter or FB for videos.

For more information on the band or to book your tickets for the album launch visit the band pages on FB or Twitter 



(16th November 2018 – The day that should have seen the demise of Theresa May)

Nic: Hiya pal, how you doing? You all right?

Alex: Ach aye, I’m all right, it’s hard not to let this crap get you down. I’d really hoped it would all have been sorted before Christmas. Don’t think I’ll be getting invited to play Santa this year at the Christmas party. I know one or two folk who’s on the naughty list for sure and none of them are bloody me. What’s up anyway? I know you didn’t call so I could depress you.

Nic: Naw, I called to try and cheer you up. Have you seen the news today?

Alex: Nope, sure I can’t watch live TV when I’m at home. Fucked if I’m paying a license to help fund state propaganda. I hope to fuck the Scots abolish that garbage as soon as they’ve taken their Independence. Enjoying the peace for once anyway, how what have I missed?

Nic: They’re turning on that auld bag faster than the Hadron Collider on coonsil.  It’s looking like she’ll not last the day.

Alex: Been a long time coming. Fields of wheat will be wilting all over the world in case she comes seeking solace. She’s a canny auld coo though, don’t be surprised if she holds on, for all I detest her she’s more resilient than a titanium tank.

Nic: Aye true, we’ll see what happens. Check out the news when you get the chance, you’ll get a right good laugh. Come over to mine and watch it there later if you want. In fact, you could go just now, Pete’s in he’ll stick some pizza and goujons in the oven and it means I’ll know you’ve ate something. I’m sure there’s some of that whisky left from last time, have a swally and I’ll catch up when I get in.

Alex: Aye all right, thanks for keeping an eye on me.

Nic: No bother. Oh before I go, you need to see what that lassie the Paisley Ponderer has done with My Way. I’ve been singing it all day. It’ll make you smile for sure.

Alex: I’ll have a look when i get to yours so be warned me and Pete could have the karaoke on when you get in. Right if you’re speaking to Pete tell him I’m on my way.  Hasta la vista baby.

Nic: Later gator, mhaw.

Not sure why the media’s so interested in this…

Alex: Hi Nic, how’s things? You ready for this shitstorm pal? We always knew it was just a matter of time ’til they tried this pish.

Nic: I know Alex but I’m still gutted, makes me sick to my stomach the depths they’ll go to divide our nation and weaken the cause. I don’t know why I’m surprised though, remember that time they infiltrated the party?

Alex: Aye and when they tried to run me off the road just before the referendum but look how far we’ve come since then, we’re closer than ever and they’ve shot themselves in the foot this time with all their double dealings and lies. It’s all about to explode in their faces when I take them to court and show what a dirty, rotten, filthy pile of shite they are. Don’t you worry, I’ll resign for now to keep the party strong and when I’ve humiliated the fuckers in court I’ll re-join just in time to jump over the last hurdle. Don’t let the bastards get you down, promise?

Nic: Aye all right then, it’s not like I’m not used to their crap. I just hate to see a scholar and a gentleman treated so appallingly but you’re right it’s just another part of showing their true colours to the world. I hope we don’t need to wait too long for your name to be cleared.

Alex: Don’t worry Nic, honestly even the diehard unionists who usually detest me have been sending me messages telling me they know it’s all bull-shit . We’ve got a job to do that’s way bigger than me, so promise no matter what happens you will never allow them to fuck things up for the cause.

Nic: I promise pal, I’ve got this. You look after yourself and I’ll keep improving things until it’s time to make the Declaration. I need to wait a wee bit to see if we need to win another general election before declaring or if I’ll be calling another referendum when Brex-shit is triggered.

Alex: Either way we’re gonna win this time Nicola, the dream won’t only never die, it’s gonna come to life and the people of Scotland will party like they’ve never partied before. I really can’t wait to see the celebrations but first I need to deal with this drivel. Listen I better go just now, I’ve got a show to record where I’ll be exposing more of their lies. I’ll catch you soon, keep your chin up and your eyes on the prize. I’ll be fine.

Nic: You too Alex. See you soon. Big hugs from me.

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