Rays of Hope

What to say when silence has been my solace?

Where to go when I’ve been all over the place?

Will the tears ever stop rolling down my face?

When will I learn to walk with grace?

Now I’ve found Rays of Hope

With their support I know I’ll cope

Cancer conquered, a future altered,

Walking forward, she faltered.

Falling to her knees…

Give me strength, she begged.

Give me what I need to cope.

And God delivered



RAYS of HOPE is a Cancer Support Group established in 2015 to help anyone who has had cancer. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you can openly talk about your cancer to others who have had a similar experience. We support you through difficulties following a diagnosis, whether they are emotional, practical or physical, and hope to help you turn a negative experience into a more positive one and help you regain control of your life.


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Forever Yew


Forever Yew
The Craigends Yew by Rashelle Reid


tree, layering,

enticing; the curious,

the seeker to contemplate,

signs, rebirth is always occurring

and that even decay can herald

the birth of new life.

As the cycle continues

and the circle

remains unbroken



Forever Yew
The Craigends Yew by Rashelle Reid




I birthed the future

I birthed the future

carried constellations within

elemental entities

of fire and air

both masculine and feminine

the sun and the wind

stars made of sunshine

light beams of dreams

burning it down

and soaring above

reborn from the ashes

devoted in love

I birthed the future

With new horizons to explore

On the cusp of adventure

Awaits many new shores

Four new worlds






yet apart

Sharing one universe

And always my heart

I birthed the future

Under the sun and the moon

Touching heaven

While still here on Earth

I am the life bringer

The deliverer of lions

And the breath of life

The mother of miracles,

Laboured in love

To bring forth

The scales of justice

Weighed in from above

I birthed the future

Carried constellations within

I birthed the future.


La La Land

Much as I wish life was always sweet,
that every rainy day brought a coulorful treat.
That every blade of grass really tickled our ass
and that the bumps were only minor as the hurdles we pass.
Much as I wish we had no troubles to endure,
as we barely tread water as we reach for the shore.
Much as I wish there weren’t times it felt like we’re drowning
and our bonnie wee smiles were replaced by frowning.
Much as I wish no kids were abused,
no women were tortured and sexually used.
Much as I wish there was equality for all
there’s never gonna be unless we answer the call.
The call from inside, the silent screams of the tortured.
The ones that so many don’t want to hear
not realising there hiding from their own fears.
Scared to pay attention to the world around
their hands on their ears to drown out the sound.
Looking to La La Land where all is well,
they preach positivity in the stories they sell.
Never stopping for a moment to simply embrace truth,
ignoring reality and dismissing the proof.
In la La Land no strength is needed
only sweet things are ever seeded.
In La La Land you won’t have to fight to survive
you’ll never learn what it truly takes to thrive.
In La la Land compassion has dried up
because it’s easier to blame someone if they’re fucked up.
In La La Land there’s no space for tears
in case it triggers someone’s fears.
In la La Land don’t dare cry
and don’t dig deeper or question why.
In La Land there is no toil
just scatter the seeds on the top soil.
No need for water to wash our hands
as we’re too clean here to understand.
Dirt is needed to grow something big,
courage is a beautiful bloom for which we must dig.
Think positive they scream if you show your fears,
if you’re brought to your knees and shed your tears.
Never contemplating, blind to see that our knees offer support when the pain’s too much
and all we need is a human touch.
A smile, a hug, a reassurance we’ll get through,
that we can make it in this crazy zoo.
That though we’re weak we’ll rise again like the sun in the sky and the tides keep flowing.
Never pondering that from this pain we’re growing.
That positivity is knowing you can survive another day,
and being honest about what your heart needs to say.
That not topping yourself is the ultimate goal
when your legs are as weak as a new born foal.
So my friends there’s something I hope I’ve helped you understand
I don’t want to live in fucking La La Land.

An Intimate Relationship

No-one understands it, they all think I’ve gone mad.

Stuck in this crazy situation that can only be described as bad

It’s a very controlling relationship that subtlety rules my life.

When it goes fecking wild it causes me much strife.

It chipped away slowly, making me doubt myself.

Took me a wee while to notice, I now reside in hell.

Can’t go out my legs won’t stop shaking,

You’ve probably noticed my voice is quaking

I look like an alkie, with the DT’s

Or a junkie that’s been brought to her knees.

Down in the dumps, brain fog clouds my head.

It’s even made me wish that I was blooming dead.

Weights falling of me, I’m a shadow of myself

Maybe I’ll just fade away for my final farewell

My feet get so itchy as I try to walk away,

Energy non-existent, need to wait another day.

It’s not just my feet, my legs and back too.

Can’t get to sleep, no wonder I’m so blue.

Just scratching the surface, skimming the shore.

As I scream louder and louder, I can’t take anymore

No longer got it in me to even look at a Facebook page,

It’s just not worth dealing with the internal rage.

I’m as up and down as our Highland landscape,

Too many days where I want to escape

Trembling inside, here we go again.

The volcanoes exploding, will it ever end?

All control lost now, as I keep tumbling down.

That never-ending smile now replaced by a frown.

A little, tiny butterfly trying to break through its cocoon

A little tiny butterfly tuned to the cycles of the moon.

The wings begin to flap and my whole world is affected.

Emotional upheaval with this thyroid that is infected.

Rashelle Reid

This hopefully explains a little why I’ve not been blogging very much lately. I hope to be back soon but couldn’t let National Poetry Day pass without sharing something with my friends.  Both overactive and underactive thyroid conditions cause a lot of problems for the person affected but also for their friends and family too so I’ve added some links that I’ve found particularly useful for anyone who wishes to know more.  I’ve also added the link to something I wrote last year for National Poetry Day.  Big massive thanks to all the supporters of my blog who’ve been sharing while I’ve not been around, really appreciate your support. Love and blessings, Rashelle




Delightful Delusions

Fantasy Fairies084

Delusion can be delightful,

at other times quite frightful

Dallying in a day-dream,

foraying in fantasy.

Always a bump,

coming back to reality.

Twinkling with the stars,

or soaring through the air.

Pretending for a while,

not to have a single care.

Then reality bites,

like a rabid dog.

Pulling you out,

of a self-induced fog.

Legs are wobbly,

takes a moment to ground.

Need to re-focus,

by looking around.

Settling down,

strapping in for the ride.

Remembering there’s nowhere,

really to hide.

The truth waits for no one,

at your peril ignore.

The rumblings that come

from deep in your core.

A red, red, rose…

The story of Rabbie’s red, red, rose runs deeper than you might have imagined and it even has a Paisley connection.

DSC_0071“The ‘Red, Red Rose’, however, only achieved popularity when matched to ‘Low down in the Broom’, and air which first appeared in the Caledonian Pocket Companion. Burns’s words and the air ‘Low down in the Broom’ were first brought together by the Paisley composer and editor, Robert Archibald Smith, in his Scottish Minstrel, published in 1821.” Read more…


O my Luve’s like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve’s like the melodie
That’s sweetly play’d in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I:
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry:

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun:
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee well, my only Luve
And fare thee well, a while!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho’ it were ten thousand mile.

Swallow the Frog

Swallow the frog, they told me.

It seemed like a fair idea.

But where were the instructions,

For when I’d been consumed by fear.

It’s all right saying swallow it,

but it had already eaten me.

While I was inside starving,

The frog had eaten its tea.

Inside the sounds were deafening

As digestion problems arose.

Lots of grumbling and groaning,

I couldn’t help it, I froze.

I couldn’t see the light,

As the clenching muscles tightened,

It’s never easy to admit,

But I was bloody frightened.

Swallow the frog they told me,

But I’d been consumed myself.

Maybe if I’d been quicker.

I wouldn’t be in this hell.

Maybe if I’d been stronger,

I’d have beaten the frog hands down.

Maybe it I’d been wiser,

Instead of behaving like a clown

Maybe if I’d been brighter,

Or asked for help sooner,

Maybe if life was easier,

And we weren’t trained consumers.

Maybe I could escape,

This situation I’d encountered,

If only I could stop myself

as I spiraled downward.

Bruised and beaten,  by the frog eaten.

Eyes tired from greeting but my heart was still beating.

It’s not over yet, I can still turn it round.

Just need to get my feet on solid ground.

Guts still churning I took a deep breath,

Faced with the prospect of sudden death.

With it all to play for I decided to take a chance,

And now me and the frog have started to dance.

I conquered the fear, I lifted the cloud.

I’d faced the demons and unwrapped the shroud.

Reborn again with the lessons intact.

He’ll not eat me again and that’s a fact!



Enough is Enough!

I despair of the human race at times so much so, I cry.
So gullible and foolish, we’re choking on the lies.

We’ve lost our sense of rhythm, with all this messed up pop

Every day the question rises, when will this madness stop?

NASA with more investment and the war machines on fire

Every day, I’m screaming, “Liar, liar, liar!!”

Children are starving all over the world

And there’s still a vendetta against harmless little girls.

Its time we got a grip and looked within our hearts

Stop treating the symptoms, instead look at where it starts

We’re promoting greed and selfishness, our values are all fucked
How do you think we got here, is it really just bad luck?

Fighting for survival in a world that idolises money

Did I mention yet Monsanto, and what they’re doing to the honey?

Let’s stop preparing for crisis, start looking after what we’ve got.

Take GMO’s off the table and chemtrails out the pot.

The BBC’s in meltdown with all their lies and deceit.

It’s time to claim a refund, I hope you kept your receipt.

Are you still paying for a licence, with a conscience that is clear?

How can you really, when all they peddle’s fear?

Promoter’s of terrorism and lies beyond belief

Traumatising the mind with bucket loads of grief.

False flags and propaganda, protecting pedophiles

Don’t send your energy to the vilest of the vile

There is a mass distinction between what is right and wrong

And even if you hate it I must share with you my song.

We need to take responsibility for the contribution that we make

We need to get more conscious of what we really take

Is our quest for success really that fulfilling?

There’s a better way but you have to be willing

Step outside your comfort for a moment or two.

Take the time to notice what’s going on around you.

It’s not isolated cases of people in distress

We need to admit we’ve created a mess.

Searching for truth in a pill jar

In so many ways we’ve come so far.

So far from ourselves, losing our way

Just trying to survive and get through the day.

No time to think, no time to question

No time for debate or serious discussion.

It’s so superficial and boring you see

As the choir keeps on singing “It’s all about ME!”

The sooner you realise that life’s not about stuff,

The sooner you’ll be chanting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!”

Sending vaccines to kids, who won’t survive without food. 
Tell me Mr Gates, how is this good?
Our air, food and water are under attack. 
Please consider this before turning your back. 
With the future you gamble when your eye’s off the ball.
Think of the children, answer the call. 
Direct your energy and all that you do. 
In the direction that best reflects you. 
You wouldn’t fund war,  If you thought you had a choice. 
Would you still say nothing, if you knew the power of your voice?
The psycho’s are shouting from the newspapers stands 
Spreading lies and destruction, destroying the lands. 
Your voice may be the harmony, that swings the decision 
One that heals scars, eradicating divisions 
Like the bird in the sky, there’s a song in your heart. 
Expressed with joy, it becomes your art. 
Be honest with yourself, it’s the first step. 
Who’s been planning your future, while you slept?
Fact stranger than fiction, truth that’s hard to take. 
A science fiction movie, we could easily make. 
Get your mind round the madness then it’s easy to see. 
The conditioning aspect of the BBC. 
Not just them, it’s the whole bloody crew,
How much has the media brainwashed you?
Be willing to question and get ready to dig. 
Cos you’re hands need to get dirty to grow something big. 
Tilling the soil, pull up the weeds.
Re-write the programs, plant some new seeds, 
Start sowing with love,  let go of the greed. 
The fate of our future lies in our hands, 
The gravity of which I’m sure you understand. 
I know it’s heavy, this burden we bear. 
But it gets much lighter,  the more we all care. 
©2014~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid 

The Animal Within

I’ve ran with the wolves, while monkeying around.

I’ve howled at the moon, without making a sound.

I’ve baa-ed with the sheep, as in flocks they did move,

But to be honest, it was never really my groove.

I’ve seen the snakes as they slithered around.

Trying to make me lose my grip on the ground.

Sleek like the panther, stalking my prey.

Been at it like bunnies, as some might say.

In a web I’ve been trapped just like a fly.

As those racing rats kept scurrying by.

At times like a giraffe I could reach the tree top.

More like an ostrich when the bills never stop.

Sometimes as timid as a little mouse,

Like when the TV folk came to the house.

Then something happened as the cubs arrived.

Something inside me had come alive.

The miracle of creation hid no more.

As like a graceful lion I reclaimed my roar.

It didn’t happen quickly overnight

At times in the cocoon I was such a sight

Exhausted and feeling like it would never end.

It sure taught me the value of friends.

The preparations over, the next stage begins.

And the butterfly is ready to test her new wings.

Flittering and fluttering she’s bound to fall.

For a soft landing those same friend’s she’ll call.

It’s not over yet, who knows where to now.

One day she may even become an old sow.

When the journey’s over and it’s the end of my tale,

I hope it’s fondly you’ll view my snail trail.

Footprints in hearts and ideas in mind.

Helping people see we’re all the same kind.

Feather, fur, skin, scales, wings or not.

We’re all part of nature that’s what we forgot.


©2014~All Rights Reserved