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If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you might have noticed that I’ve been going through a notebook I write some scribblings in while going through my own cancer journey. If you’re new here, don’t worry, I am one of the lucky ones who survived but like itself, the journey left some scars. I hope and pray for all those who are touched by cancer in their own life and that together we can do better to support people who are touched in anyway by cancer and also that we will find a way to cure cancer before too long. For now, I leave you some of the pondering of an over-loaded mind. Hope you enjoy them and make you smile, especially the little dino picture that was created by my little girl for her mum with not much notice. Thanks Aimee, love you xx


An imaginary dinosaur who banded together with other dinosaurs and played music as the dinosaurs died. As birds fed on the insects on the dinosaur’s skin, they make music.

By Aimee Ferguson

Xylophoneasaurus was shaped a bit like a Stegosaurus and though he could conduct the music, he couldn’t play by himself.

He was a rare breed and had a place in dinosaur society revered by others.   Xylophoneosaurus often rose to the top of their tribe and were often the shamans in the group.

They dreamed more than other dinosaurs including daydreams so sometimes were described as lazy and distracted.

But the dreams of the Xylophoneosaurus contained messages for the clan and when food was in short supply the Xylophonosaurus would receive messages to help nourish the group, either by discovering sites where food was in abundant supply or by providing the group music to nurture their souls until food arrived.   When the clan needed to relocate the Xylophoneosaurus would be joined with some crows on his back who provided the team with marching music.   The Xylophonosaurus was often nick-named XI.

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Don’t ask me, I can’t tell you, how in hell I know. 


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