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I despair of the human race at times so much so, I cry.
So gullible and foolish, we’re choking on the lies.
We’ve lost our sense of rhythm, with all this messed up pop
Every day the question rises, when will this madness stop?
NASA with more investment and the war machines on fire
Every day, I’m screaming, “Liar, liar, liar!!”
Children are starving all over the world
And there’s still a vendetta against harmless little girls.
Its time we got a grip and looked within our hearts
Stop treating the symptoms, instead look at where it starts
We’re promoting greed and selfishness, our values are all fucked
How do you think we got here, is it really just bad luck?
Fighting for survival in a world that idolises money
Did I mention yet Monsanto, and what they’re doing to the honey?
Let’s stop preparing for crisis, start looking after what we’ve got.
Take GMO’s off the table and chemtrails out the pot.
The BBC’s in meltdown with all their lies and deceit.
It’s time to claim a refund, I hope you kept your receipt.
Are you still paying for a licence, with a conscience that is clear?
How can you really, when all they peddle’s fear?
Promoter’s of terrorism and lies beyond belief
Traumatising the mind with bucket loads of grief.
False flags and propaganda, protecting pedophiles
Don’t send your energy to the vilest of the vile
There is a mass distinction between what is right and wrong
And even if you hate it I must share with you my song.
We need to take responsibility for the contribution that we make
We need to get more conscious of what we really take
Is our quest for success really that fulfilling?
There’s a better way but you have to be willing
Step outside your comfort for a moment or two.
Take the time to notice what’s going on around you.
It’s not isolated cases of people in distress
We need to admit we’ve created a mess.
Searching for truth in a pill jar
In so many ways we’ve come so far.
So far from ourselves, losing our way
Just trying to survive and get through the day.
No time to think, no time to question
No time for debate or serious discussion.
It’s so superficial and boring you see
As the choir keeps on singing “It’s all about ME!”
The sooner you realise that life’s not about stuff,
The sooner you’ll be chanting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!”
Sending vaccines to kids, who won’t survive without food. 
Tell me Mr Gates, how is this good?
Our air, food and water are under attack. 
Please consider this before turning your back. 
With the future you gamble when your eye’s off the ball.
Think of the children, answer the call. 
Direct your energy and all that you do. 
In the direction that best reflects you. 
You wouldn’t fund war,  If you thought you had a choice. 
Would you still say nothing, if you knew the power of your voice?
The psycho’s are shouting from the newspapers stands 
Spreading lies and destruction, destroying the lands. 
Your voice may be the harmony, that swings the decision 
One that heals scars, eradicating divisions 
Like the bird in the sky, there’s a song in your heart. 
Expressed with joy, it becomes your art. 
Be honest with yourself, it’s the first step. 
Who’s been planning your future, while you slept?
Fact stranger than fiction, truth that’s hard to take. 
A science fiction movie, we could easily make. 
Get your mind round the madness then it’s easy to see. 
The conditioning aspect of the BBC. 
Not just them, it’s the whole bloody crew,
How much has the media brainwashed you?
Be willing to question and get ready to dig. 
Cos you’re hands need to get dirty to grow something big. 
Tilling the soil, pull up the weeds.
Re-write the programs, plant some new seeds, 
Start sowing with love,  let go of the greed. 
The fate of our future lies in our hands, 
The gravity of which I’m sure you understand. 
I know it’s heavy, this burden we bear. 
But it gets much lighter,  the more we all care. 
©2014~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid 

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I renounce your power over me,
I renounce your right to rule.
I renounce your right to hide
And expose you as a fool.

I renounce all your decisions.
In relation to this Earth
I renounce all your rules
That hide people’s worth.

I renounce your secret clubs
And the enchantments you have cast
I renounce your right to win
While making others last.

I renounce your evil ways
And the power you’ve been given
I renounce the hell you’re creating
On this Earth that could be heaven.


©2014~All Rights Reserved

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