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Mind Over Matter


Mind over Matter

A curious question

Magic or mystery

Or mis-representation?

What if the question,

just needs relocation?

Out of context,

all sense is lost!

Maybe all it means,

is who is the boss?

At the heart of the matter,

Is all sense lost?

So what if the question,

We’d asked was mixed up?

And we were messing around

with the eternal cup?

Where is your compass?

The question is clear

Are you ruled by love

or governed with fear?

Mind over matter

or matter over mind?

Eternal wisdom

or beliefs that will bind?

Which one leads the show

In the dance you have chosen.

Is one taking chances

and keeping the other frozen?

Mastering symphonies

when matter’s over mind

But the ultimate dance

is when both are aligned.

 Copyright Rashelle Reid 2014

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Magic in the Air

I wrote this earlier this year to try and win a mobile home to take the kids adventuring, unfortunately I never won but at least I’ve got another magical memory for the collection. It’s not really got a title because it’s been called caravan competition until now so I think I’ll call it Magic in the Air because I can always do with a little some of that 😀


With twins times two, life’s been doubly blessed.

But we’re all in desperate need of a rest.

Holiday’s on the horizon but never quite here.

It’s been a turbulent ride through the toddler years.

We want to go rambling.

We want to explore.

We want to get familiar with the great, big outdoors.

It’s not always easy with all life’s demands to fully explore this beautiful land.

The kid would be ecstatic, as we got on the move.

Life with a new rhythm, we’d get in the groove.

Dancing around, not believing our luck.

Putting on wellies to go play in the muck.

Out in the country,exploring the woods.

Getting to know, Earth’s natural foods.

Beach-combing next, metal detector in hand.

How our life’s changed forever, the kids don’t understand.

Their eyes twinkle so brightly

As we walk along the shore.

As they beg and they plead,

“Just 5 minutes more.”

Seeking out shells, and picking up sticks.

Becoming magicians, now doing tricks.

Magic’s in the air as we turn to go back.

Skipping with Aimee as we’re waiting for Jack.

Ben and Holly ahead, seeking out treasure.

This whole adventure has been an absolute pleasure.

Feeling the pressures of life slip away.

Thank you for this beautiful day.

Back in the caravan all warm and snug.

We’re all smiling brightly as we share a family hug.

Can’t believe our luck, it’s like our dreams have come true.

As we tuck in whispering to each other,

I love you.  I love you. I love you.

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Breaking the Bounds

david Cameron

The face of the Empire.

I know I’m not the only one calling and the noise can get too much.

I know your privileged upbringing has left you out of touch.

In a bubble since birth, in a life bred for success

Where a person’s worth is determined by their dress

Bought into the stories from the ancestors who owned slaves

To me they’re no more evolved than the dwellers in caves.

You don’t listen to our pleas, as we make our case to you.

You ignore us completely when we try to share our views.

Bound and gagged by a flag, nothing’s really changed

It’s like we’re repeating history over and over again.

You spread the lies and call us dangerous names

You spread your hatred and make us bear the shame

The might of the media impounding your lies

I wonder if you’d dare look me in the eyes.

I may be guilty of being born in a scheme,

I may never get a chance to “live the dream”

It might look to some that I’m the rat in the race,

But from what I see you’re the disgrace.

Been given so much, yet all you do is take more

Not from the rich but from the mouths of the poor.

If you really believed it’s their personal choice,

Why are you so frightened the world hears their voice?

Stop hiding in spin and playing a role,

Come out of hiding, show me your soul.

Is it still in there, masquerading around?

Or is it gone, never to be found?

I see how you use hypnosis like magic,

It would be quite cool, if it wasn’t so tragic.

Bewitched no more with the spells that were cast.

Still in the game but my mind’s free at last.

No more waiting or playing around,

As the rumble keeps growing

Can you hear that mighty sound?

If only you’d listened, we tried to play fair,

And all that we asked was that you started to care.

You think we’re beneath you, just minions and serfs

And even now you try to dictate what we’re worth

Gone are the days when we worked to get by,

Now it’s the lies that we’re all just “work-shy”.

Big society and working for free,

how will that pay for the kids blinking tea?

4000 people lined up for one job,

Doesn’t sound to me like a nation of slobs.

You’ve rifled our country for too bloody long,

You just need to listen to the words of your song.

Yes the one with the “Rebellious Scots to crush”

How can she stand there and not even blush?

What counts as rebellion in this day and age?

Would it be a comment on a Facebook page?

It seems to me, we must obey

We must simply, do what you say.

Our questions unanswered, they hang in the wind

But as we find our voices, our nation will sing

You can’t gag an idea that’s already caught hold,

You won’t conquer a nation, known to be bold.

As the truth is set free, and our history comes to light,

We’ll reign supreme, with love over might.

Copyright Rashelle Reid 2014

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Rampant Imaginations

Day dreams and sweet temptations.
Crazy ideas and rampant imaginations.
Lost in a world of madness beyond ken.
While trying to master the art of living Zen.
Winter chills linger, yet the embers been stoked.
The scent of spring brings with it fresh hope.
Tending the tinder’s and keeping warm.
The tempest’s awake, prepare for a storm.
Lay bare, awaiting the new cycle.
Behaving perfectly archetypal.
On fire now, the flame invoked.
Enchanted roots like an Ancient Oak.
No brimstone needed for budding to begin.
As the miracle of creation comes from within.
Rashelle x

p.s. As the Great Oak tree came to mind I thought I’d have a wee dig for some info and came across this. I found it interesting with lots of different perspectives on the Ancient Oak tree, thought you might too.

©2014~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid

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“Never underestimate the power

of stupid people in large groups.”

George Carlin

Stupid People

I won’t be subject to your hypothesis, unless you put it to the test.

And though I’m kinda serious, I write these words in jest.

Did I give you permission to try and manipulate my mind?

You really are mistaken if you think you’re being kind!

I see your illusions and the stories that you’ve bought.

Even though you seem to think it’s in the web I’m caught.

I don’t have to prove anything or give you what you seek.

And I ain’t going to sit here and pretend that it’s not bleak.

We’re at a time of crisis and the blind are leading the blind.

With many so called “experts” dabbling in the mind.

The thought police are in place and they’re watching every move.

And that’s why it’s so important to be content with your own groove.

I don’t buy other people’s stories, whether teacher, guide or fool.

Awareness is my teacher even more than school.

Analysing data and making a decision.

Your words may be sharp but they won’t make an incision.

You are sharing others stories, not facts or data you have scoured.

That’s what really makes my expression turn sour.

Yes it’s distasteful, when your bullets are aimed.

Yet your lack of research leaves you somewhat maimed.

If I desired your guidance, I would surely ask.

But why would I, when you hide behind a mask.

©2014 copyright ~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid

For information on the bias of the reporting during the Scottish Independence Referendum and much more visit Thought Control Scotland here… https://thoughtcontrolscotland.wordpress.com/

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The Flip-Flops

Flip Flops

Flip, flop, flip, flop.

Hidden depths and tepid treasures.

Deep below the surface, the stormy water rise.

Darkness engulfs as  deeper and deeper it pulls,

The bewildered face awaits me.

The tears she won’t let come.

Injustice screaming.

Yet no-one seems to hear.

Louder and louder, it taunts me.

The splash of the ocean wakes my dreary reverie.

The melody is soothing as the gentle waves are played.

Immersing in the coolness, washing away the rage.

Looking at the horizon, I see World’s awaiting being explored.

Reminding me that the flip-flops just don’t matter any more.

©2014~All Rights Reserved  Rashelle Reid

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My first ever poetry video on a topic that’s close to my heart.

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Aww..bonnie Scotland, I love you so much.

Yet they sell you off with shouts of “How much?”

Beautiful mountains, volcanoes and shores

Mythical lands and tales from folklore

Forgotten the stories of slaughter and death.

Forgotten what led us into this mess.

Under attack by needles for years.

Many early deaths and shedding of tears.

What causes our people to feel so much pain?

Is it repeating the cycles again and again?

The latest threat is one I hope soon dies.

With toxins galore falling from the skies.

With the water and soil under threat too.

Causing me to ask, what the fuck can we do?

If the needle of chemicals hits a new vein,

Thing’s are guaranteed, to be never the same.

Already depleted this nation’s health,

Hasn’t anyone told you, that is our wealth!

Fracking he tells us, will save us all.

As his whipped “nimby’s” join the call.

We’ll give you money if you sell us your soul.

We’ll let you live, if you do what your told!

Never mind the questions already raised.

We’ll just ignore them, don’t be phased.

The cancers, toxic rivers and the cows without tails.

The silenced with money and activists in jail.

Queenie’s sold us out for Uranium profits

While the political class, are filling their pockets.

We can still change it, if we all got on side.

This danger is real, there’s nowhere to hide.

We can stop it now before it gets out of hand

If we work together to save this land.

We are the many, they the few.

And unless I’m confused,

they’re supposed to serve you.

Let them hear your answer is clear.

We won’t do this to the land we hold dear.

Sign the petition, add your sweet voice.

Let them see they don’t have a choice.

No Fracking forever, there’s no case for it.

Anyone who says different is just talking shit.

Banned world-wide but it’s okay for us?

That’s just fracking ridiculous!!



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Awakening to wonder, awakening to pain.
Awakening to thunder, awakening to rain.
Awakening the senses, awakening my soul.
Awakening to seeing that we are always whole.
Understanding the miracle, seeing it with my heart.
Knowing even when I feel weak, we never are apart.
Sensing the spirit, rise and fall within.

Dependent on my thoughts, and what they allow in.
The energy runs through me, sometimes like a great big tide.
Tumultuous waves, this years been such a ride.
Fast and furious with trouble always threatening.
As I look around me, I see no signs it’s settling.
The truth is coming out at such a mighty pace.
It’s the final lap but who’s going to win this race?
Good and evil, light and dark,
The fire’s lit, it’s awaiting your spark.
Join the choir, let us hear your voice.
That is when we’ll finally rejoice.

What if the world was waiting just for you?
Would you wake up and know what to do?
The time is now, there is no other.
So let’s all do it for our Mother.
The Earth has provided for all our needs.
So let’s stop the madness and end the greed.
Corporations that have no soul,
Leaders that are out of control.
It’s time for sense to prevail at last.
After all it’s our reflection in the looking glass.

Rashelle Reid

Copyright © All rights reserved,

I’m not getting time to maintain this blog at the moment friends and followers, so please if you want to stay up to date, join me on FB or subscribe to the Enlightening Times Magazine, where I’ll be spending even more time this year.  Love and hugs to all of you, keep your head up out there, stay strong and most of all stay in love, no matter what x


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12 years on

Lest we forget, the tragedy committed.
As we remember where we were sitting
As the news hit our ears,
And we shed endless tears.
BBC “”The second tower’s been hit”
As in the shadows they all shouted shit.
The crazy thing is, it hadn’t happened yet.
That few minutes difference changed my bet.
It was in that moment, that I seen the light.
That what I’d felt in my heart had always been right.
Lennon, JFK and Marilyn too,
I’d always felt it but now I knew it was true.
The liars, the culprits are still walking free.
Spreading more terror and trying to control you and me.
I remember the pain and the heartbreak I felt.
As I looked at this Earth and thought how in Hell.
Let us never forget, and always remember.
That the game changed forever on the 11th of September.
Revenge was the call as more blood was shed,
Is this really how we want to honour the dead?
Let us honour them by embracing life,
By building bridges, not creating more strife.
Lie after lie and still it’s the same.
Becoming a once great nation’s absolute shame.
Question everything is what I’ll pass on,
The message I’ll leave behind when I’m gone.
Learn the lessons, or repeat the past.
As more false flags leave me aghast.
May they rest in peace and their families be blessed,
As we all make a commitment to doing our best.
To see through the lies and the stories they sell,
To start creating heaven instead of this hell.



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