I’m tired boss.

 I’m tired of a world where people claim to remember but act like they forgot.  

I’m tired of the nastiness, the bitterness, the cruelty, and the willingness to accept tyranny.  

I’m tired of holding myself together when I am falling apart and falling apart only to put myself back together to face more of the same.  

I’m tired of the willingness to demonise, label and other because the media tells people to.  

I’m tired of living in a prison of other people’s fear… 

but when the day and time comes that I face my judgement… 

I will know I took that tiredness, and I chose… 

Freedom over tyranny…

Faith over fear…

Hope over desperation…

And I tried.   

The Clubhouse Mixtape Remastered

Shall we take a trip down memory lane to Somewhere Only we Know where we all went a Insane in the membrane. Where stair dwellers, and shoe gazers, met boys in hats wearing velvet blazers over and over again. Doc boots on a Hippychick, New Shoes, to the carpet stick! My Generation had no Geordie Shores for our Teenage Kicks, just Newcastle Brown Ale and plain, old sick.

They told me I’m an indie kid until I started to rave but Freaky Dancin‘ was all I really craved. This Music is Shit play some Kylie. There She Goes again, the DJ’s laugh, looking a tad wily. You’re Unbelievable, Rashelle, it’s too cheesy to be cool but singing Hallelujah and Spinning Around I knew I was Nobody’s Fool. I was Losing my Religion but I had found My Church and on the door, we were greeted by a guy we called Big Lurch. In the Clubbie, an Unfinished Symphony had begun, Dancing in the Dark we were shone on by The Suns and as Shiny, Happy People twirled under a Waterfall we were introduced to a girl named Victoria by The Fall.

She’s a Rainbow we discovered Dancing Naked in the Rain as we teleported to a Mersey Paradise over and over again. We got to know The Shamen who taught us how to Move any Mountain and fed our souls with spiritual food before introducing us to a shady, old guy called Ebenezeer Goode.

I missed the party when The Farm came to town and as they sang All together now at Tracey’s, wee Shelley did frown. We made for the border and networked a lot, we were a tad naughty but never got caught. From Soul to Soul to Robbie’s Angel, we have stories to tell and though we have Sympathy for the Devil we didn’t go Straight to Hell. With No Limits, we explored Strawberry Fields and discovered Groove is in the Heart, Learning to Fly, planning the Revolution we’d start.

On the Last Train to Transcendental we went a bit mental as we asked What Time is Love? And in the light of the Blue Sunshine danced with a Looking Glass Girl wearing The Glove.

Another Brick in the Wall left us quite dazed but as The Doors opened, we were no longer fazed. On a Perfect, Fairground Attraction waiting for some action but it seems I can’t get no Satisfaction. Still, I Feel Good, as I down a Funky, Cold Medina before I Turn Around and see Me, Myself and I as a Dancing Queen crowned by Abba.

His Girlfriend in a coma, plays In the Dark, as we remember old friends who on our hearts left a mark. Feeling ridiculous as we Sit Down with James, before we Jump Around to House of Pain. Wearing My Favourite Dress wondering Should I stay or Should I go now? before tequila slammers get me in a mess. I Wanna be Adored but it’s Closing Time so grab your coats, there’s a party at mine.

Where’s me Jumper? I Scream over the noise as I fall into the eyes of a gorgeous boy. “Are you going to go my way?” I whisper, Like a Prayer as someone cries “Touch me, I’m Sick” from the clubhouse stairs. “Help!” he moans as he spews into his combats while wearing a kaftan. “Everything’s Gonna be All RIght, Just Relax and Enjoy Yourself, Rocketman.”

I Knew You Were Waiting” I beamed. Things Can Only Get Better, unless this is just a D-Ream. “Ever fallen in love? he asks as I swoon, under the light of The Whole of the Moon. This could be a Perfect Day if you Touch Me, I think to myself, maybe I’m being Naive and I’m really on the Highway to Hell. It’s a Sin, but I can’t resist this Temptation. Electric Dreams fill my mind and deliver a New Sensation and my heart explodes in Fascination.

You’re a Wild Thing, little Foxy Lady he whispers as the Purple Rain soaks us through and through. Be My Bloody Valentine, I plead. He nods and reply’s “I will be, Soon.”

Do you remember the first time?” I asked “What’s the story, morning glory?” in the Love Shack. “Is this A Kind of Magic? you whispered back . We walked home together hand in hand and with One Kiss, we were transported to Wonderland.

Mods, rockers, sinners and saints, Under the Bridge back in the day.

Imagine that, now all that’s left to say is Thank You for the Music to friends new and old from back in the day.

Love and Laughter , Rashelle  

You’re a riot, Alice.

“Hurry, Alice.” the white rabbit quipped, looking over his shoulder to make sure she was keeping up.

“I don’t feel too good, I think there must be something in the water I drank.” Alice replied. “I feel all floaty light, like I might fly away.”

“Oh good, hopefully you fly quicker than you walk.” Rabbit said checking his watch impatiently.

Alice stopped, breathless. “Maybe I just need a good Earthing, I’ll take my shoes off and see if that helps.”

Frustrated with the lack of action the white rabbit hopped from foot to foot, “You’re a riot, Alice. What are you going to do next? A sun dance?” 

“Maybe, but only if you join me. Now, where is it we’re heading again?” Alice asked looking a little bewildered.

“Narnia or perhaps you would prefer Oz but then we’d miss the biggest party Womderland has ever seen, or have you forgot about that too? You really are away with the faeries today!”

“We couldn’t possibly go to Oz today, Mr. Rabbit.  I’ve left Toto in the house.” She laughed, picking up her shoes and starting to skip barefoot beside him, “I feel much better now anyway. Let’s go have some fun”

#Mixedlit #Wonderland #Toto #Alice #WhiteRabbit #Narnia #Oz

Sunny Side Up

When the Pink Moon rose

And the world turned

Sunny side up,

the songbirds sang louder,

calling me at night

and serenading the day

A celebration of life

An expression of joy,

Of nature,

a call of the wild,

To listen, to breathe,

To love, to rejoice, to sing,

To stop and appreciate

The simple things.

The Limited edition yellow vinyl of ‘Sunny Side Up’ by Paolo Nutini is out now! https://lnk.to/Sunny-Side-Up


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