The Ancient Mathemagians

“The point I have been trying to make is that the Ancient Mathemagians did not limit their understanding of the sphere to only measuring it to 360 degrees. They recognised it as a living, vibrating energy that could be seen in the Chaladni patterns that appear on the head of a vibrating drum that has been covered in sand.” David Ritchie p. 143 We the Skythains – The Lie of the Land of Egypt

P144 DAR

“I don’t believe the similarity between the Celtic Cross or an icon-graphic ‘halo’, and the ‘seven’ drum patterns is any co-incidence.  Every religious symbol is a mathematical symbol….The notion that it is merely representative of a drum, I would agree is ludicrous, unless of course it is symbolic of something else that does the same thing…the Earth.” David Ritchie, We the Skythians: The Lie of the Land of Ægypt 


We the Skythians…

The book so many of you have been waiting on is available again now.


‘We ~ The Skythians: The Lie of the Land of Ægypt’ is finally available as an eBook HD PDF download. The site is now working but still having artwork updated – membership if free… but the book isn’t.
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Book of Life


As I look at the cover

my mind comes to life,

Curious and wondering

what the pages may hide.

Lost in translation

or factual information.

Poetry, prose

or government manipulation.

What’s between the lines,

I begin to guess.

As I allow the title

to slowly digest.

Who is the author,

what’s the agenda?

Tantalising tales

or a murky mind-bender.

Recording facts

or re-writing a story?

Re-telling history,

like it’s not quite as gory.

Filling in the blanks,

my imagination’s on fire.

Getting the full picture

my ultimate desire

Interpreting symbols

my psyche over-loaded

Trying to make sense

of the secret’s encoded

Century’s missing,

from the past recorded

To cover up how

we’ve been defrauded

Written by the victorious

of the bloody battlefields

Our past marred

with tales of stolen yields

Books are my heaven,

my hope and my hell

How the story unfolds,

only time will tell.

Inchinnan Parish church

One of the earliest known sites in the area, Inchinnan Parish Church has a history that dates back earlier than Paisley Abbey and Glasgow Cathedral  With links to the Knights Templar and the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Inchinnan Parish Church offers a serving of symbolism steeped in history that you wouldn’t expect to find in such a small parish.