The Flip-Flops

Flip Flops

Flip, flop, flip, flop.

Hidden depths and tepid treasures.

Deep below the surface, the stormy water rise.

Darkness engulfs as deeper and deeper it pulls,

The bewildered face awaits me.

The tears she won’t let come.

Injustice screaming.

Yet no-one seems to hear.

Louder and louder, it taunts me.

The splash of the ocean wakes my dreary reverie.

The melody is soothing as the gentle waves are played.

Immersing in the coolness, washing away the rage.

Looking at the horizon, I see World’s awaiting being explored.

Reminding me that the flip-flops just don’t matter any more.

We Are The Miracle


Our World has gone quite mad, yet somehow I stay sane.
Even as I bear witness  to all this misery and pain.
My heart it feels so heavy with the antics of the mind.
Wondering what happened that stopped us being kind.
Religion, countries, separation, it’s all been manufactured,
Leaving cuts and bruises and a mind that’s badly fractured.

The illusion’s fell away and many, many see,
That everything’s not simple as it appears to be.
The answers lie inside us, but somehow I don’t know why,
Many turn away as they hear their family cry.
The ocean waves are noisy as Mother Earth roars.
It is time to heal from all our pains and sores.

The darkness is dense now and the one saving grace,
Is that we can change it when these shadows we face.
It’s best when the light’s on from within.
Then we heal the World by sharing a grin.
The one breath of life, is what we all share.
So maybe it’s time we all start to care.

The fate of our future lies in our hands.
So let us lift our hearts, and not idly stand.
War is not the answer it never was,
A holy disaster with only one cause.
To generate income for the wealthy few.
Who’d rather invest in killing instead of you?

We are the miracle, so what are we waiting for?
Let’s get together and say NO MORE WAR!!
Peace is the way, the truth and the light,
Not by flexing our muscles and acting with might.
Stop for a moment, and breathe nice and deep.
And then finally we may awake from this sleep.

©2012 copyright ~All Rights Reserved  Rashelle Reid

Let There Be – A 21st Century Request

Let there be peace in the World.

Let there be peace in our hearts.

Let there be light in the darkness and calm in the storm.

Let rain and snow be all that falls on our heads.

Let little children sleep snug in their beds.

Let the evil end as the hurt we tend.

Let the futility of war be seen by all.

Let all peace lovers answer the call.

Let people see it’s the same enemy we share,

And that at least 99% really do care.

Let solutions shine through in this hell we’ve created

With people poisoned and more sedated.

Let bombs no longer fall in our name.

Let us be able to let go of the shame.

Let us see the truth through the lies,.

let our hearts heave with weary sighs.

Let those who create wars be tried for their crimes.

And those who follow orders break free in time.

Let us create with love in our hearts,.

Let us together make a fresh start.

A Scottish Response to These Crazy Times

If it wisnae for my wellies, where would I be.

In the hoose roasting and eating ma tea.

Or mibee in the backdoor getting aw drooned.

One thing’s sure the world will still be spinning roon.

Remember when they dafties thought it was flat

and that radio wouldn’t work,

well we showed them about that.

Noo is the time for another big awakening.

No wonder it’s felt like the flipping Earth is quaking.

We didnae know the truth, so what chance did we hae.

But today it’s different and we can ignore what they say.

Genocide, blood shed and wars on the mind.

Is it any wonder many stopped being kind?

Damaged and destroyed by those devils in funny clothes.

Hiding their true character right in front of our nose!

At last the curtains open and though it looks quite a mess.

It seems to me we’re moving to a time with less distress.

When people once again reconnect with the divine within.

Not needing priests and puppets to parrot with a grin.

We are the answer, it was always the case.

We just had to remember that the darkness we must face.

We don’t get to heaven by turning and walking away

We get there simply by caring and sharing each day.

Copyright © All rights reserved 2014

Madness and Monsanto

Who are Monsanto and why does it matter?
Why am I hearing all this endless chatter?
What does it have to do with me?
If they can cure hunger, maybe we should see.
They own an army called Blackwater, is it true?
What difference would that make to me and you?
Agent Orange and franken-food,
Doesn’t really sound all that good!
Maybe the dissenters are all in-sane,
It’s not like they have anything to gain.
They read the research before making up their minds.
And it’s unlikely they have something to hide.
Tumours in rats and infertility too?
Really, by gosh! How can it be true?
Manipulation of facts and outright lies,
“When will it end?” I call between sighs.
I pray for the day when the madness ends.
When we’ve bucked all these crazy trends.
When we show Monsanto that we ain’t no toffs,
And tell them loudly just Fuck Right Off!

No Matter What

I used to think I wanted to be happy, no matter what.
And then I remembered something I’d forgot.
People who laugh in the face of despair.
People who only pretend to care.
People who giggle constantly and never frown.
Who hee hee and guffaw and behave like a clown.
Who have no self awareness and only obsession.
Who care only about their next possession.
I realised that happiness is great when it’s there,
But what’s really important is simply to care.
I look at the World with a concerned frown.
Wondering when the pyramids turning around.
When humanity’s compassion rules once more.
When we’ve showed those vile creatures the door.
When decisions are taken for people and the Earth.
When finally we see, what we’re ALL worth.

Copyright © All rights reserved 2014

The Heart of You

In my life, I’m Queen Bee.
There are no rulers, except me.
I will compromise with those who care.
With those who love me and whose life I share
I’m not here to do it their way though.
Or to follow their map, or their way they go.
I’m here to be me, and see what that brings.
To follow and honour what makes my heart sing.
I try to choose courage when danger is near.
and my passion for life saves me from fear.
You can’t understand and I don’t need you to.
Just let me be me and I’ll let you be you.
We are all Sovereign beings, since we were born.
how is it possible we forgot this sweet song?
So many distractions and places to hide.
Anything that stops us looking inside.
We have the power, we really always did.
Encoded within, our own reference grid.
An inner compass so strong and true
leads to treasure, at the heart of you.

Fracking Ridiculous!

Aww..bonnie Scotland, I love you so much.

Yet they sell you off with shouts of “How much?”

Beautiful mountains, volcanoes and shores

Mythical lands and tales from folklore

Forgotten the stories of slaughter and death.

Forgotten what led us into this mess.

Under attack by needles for years.

Many early deaths and shedding of tears.

What causes our people to feel so much pain?

Is it repeating the cycles again and again?

The latest threat is one I hope soon dies.

With toxins galore falling from the skies.

With the water and soil under threat too.

Causing me to ask, what the fuck can we do?

If the needle of chemicals hits a new vein,

Thing’s are guaranteed, to be never the same.

Already depleted this nation’s health,

Hasn’t anyone told you, that is our wealth!

Fracking he tells us, will save us all.

As his whipped “nimby’s” join the call.

We’ll give you money if you sell us your soul.

We’ll let you live, if you do what your told!

Never mind the questions already raised.

We’ll just ignore them, don’t be phased.

The cancers, toxic rivers and the cows without tails.

The silenced with money and activists in jail.

Queenie’s sold us out for Uranium profits

While the political class, are filling their pockets.

We can still change it, if we all got on side.

This danger is real, there’s nowhere to hide.

We can stop it now before it gets out of hand

If we work together to save this land.

We are the many, they the few.

And unless I’m confused,

they’re supposed to serve you.

Let them hear your answer is clear.

We won’t do this to the land we hold dear.

Sign the petition, add your sweet voice.

Let them see they don’t have a choice.

No Fracking forever, there’s no case for it.

Anyone who says different is just talking shit.

Banned world-wide but it’s okay for us?

That’s just fracking ridiculous!!


Awakening to wonder, awakening to pain.
Awakening to thunder, awakening to rain.
Awakening the senses, awakening my soul.
Awakening to seeing that we are always whole.
Understanding the miracle, seeing it with my heart.
Knowing even when I feel weak, we never are apart.
Sensing the spirit, rise and fall within.

Dependent on my thoughts, and what they allow in.
The energy runs through me, sometimes like a great big tide.
Tumultuous waves, this years been such a ride.
Fast and furious with trouble always threatening.
As I look around me, I see no signs it’s settling.
The truth is coming out at such a mighty pace.
It’s the final lap but who’s going to win this race?
Good and evil, light and dark,
The fire’s lit, it’s awaiting your spark.
Join the choir, let us hear your voice.
That is when we’ll finally rejoice.

What if the world was waiting just for you?
Would you wake up and know what to do?
The time is now, there is no other.
So let’s all do it for our Mother.
The Earth has provided for all our needs.
So let’s stop the madness and end the greed.
Corporations that have no soul,
Leaders that are out of control.
It’s time for sense to prevail at last.
After all it’s our reflection in the looking glass.

Rashelle Reid

Copyright © All rights reserved,

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An Angel Awakens

You brought me death, and showed me life.
Instead of joy, you brought me strife.
You showed me love comes in many forms,
And can bring the worst of thunderstorms.
You left me so low,
I didn’t know where to go.
I love you so much yet it hurt so deep.
That instead of life, you chose sleep.
I know you laid a path for me,
Something at the time I couldn’t see.
It’s ten years now, and baby what a ride.
So many signs, you are still by my side.
Your brothers and sisters have filled me up,
With so much love from the eternal cup.
When the time is right, my little girl.
I will join you for a whirl.
Dance the dances we never shared,
Show you just how much I cared.
I love you with all my heart,
Even though at times we feel so far apart.
I am with you, and you with me.
What love binds together lasts eternally.


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