Let There Be – A 21st Century Request

Let there be peace in the World.

Let there be peace in our hearts.

Let there be light in the darkness and calm in the storm.

Let rain and snow be all that falls on our heads.

Let little children sleep snug in their beds.

Let the evil end as the hurt we tend.

Let the futility of war be seen by all.

Let all peace lovers answer the call.

Let people see it’s the same enemy we share,

And that at least 99% really do care.

Let the solutions shine through in this hell we’ve created

With people poisoned and more sedated.

Let bombs no longer fall in our name.

Let us be able to let go of the shame.

Let us see the truth through the lies,.

let our hearts heave with weary sighs.

Let those who create wars be tried for their crimes.

And those who follow orders break free in time.

Let us create with love in our hearts,.

Let us together make a fresh start.

Copyright © All rights reserved 2014

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